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monthly magic: november

November has come, and now it’s less than two months until 2012. What a short time! Especially since January 1 is phd thesis due date for me. But let’s not forget to have a good productive time in November. I like this month, because it starts with a great occasion: on November 3 2001 I …

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monthly magic: october

October is for me the month were the summer seems really far away, and yet the holidays are not yet in sight. There really is no festive occasion in october is there? Maybe halloween for the Americans, but for us? Nothing. (I am quite happy that we don’t have halloween though, I absolutely hate dressing …

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monthly magic: september

O no, it happened. I let the blog die a little bit over the summer. I have been busy working, writing my dissertation and visiting London during the riots. The weather here has not been very summery at all, it feels like autumn has been here for at least a month now. Anyway, I am …

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