Long time no see – update

So, that is quite a while ago since I was last seen or heard from on this little corner of the internet. Why? I am not completely sure. I always liked writing here, though I was never anything like a regular blogger. I liked interacting with other people. I still like all the things I wrote about, so no change of subject necessary. I just stopped doing it, then it became so awkward to write an update that I just never really felt like it.

Until now. I realised a while ago that I missed it. I want to return to writing here, or actually, I want to do it better and more regular than I did before. So here is the short update, in list format to keep it manageable:

  • I have submitted and defended my PhD thesis in February of 2013, so I am now officially dr. girl in maths; also the old tagline for the blog was “living the good grad student life” and that should be replaced now I think
  • the new job I started at the end of 2012 turned out quite well, I am still there and even though things could be better in some respects I am pretty happy with where I am
  • I (or rather, my husband and I) have moved out of our appartment and into an old house in a better city recently and while it was a lot of work and the process had more humps and unpleasant surprises than we had expected we are very happy here in our new hometown
  • I still like planners and stationery a bit too much for my own health, and still haven’t settled on a format…
  • I have tried yoga last year and really loved it and felt good doing it, so I want to look into yoga studios in my new neighbourhood

A lot more has happened that I may or may not share here someday. For now this list should do it.

What to expect from now on? I will do a post at least once a week; that should be manageable with my other commitments, but also be regular enough to keep this blog fresh for me and hopefully also to read. If I have more time I may post more, but no promisses there. I am also thinking of continuing the two series I had previously: monthly magic and spotlight on a website. Let’s welcome each other back, and I hope you will enjoy.


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  1. stevemorton

    Good to see you back again, and congratulations on your PhD

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