Finishing while filofaxing

Since I am almost at the end of my time as a graduate student, I thought I would write a bit about the setup I am using in my filofax and how I use while finishing my thesis. Alternatively, think of this as procrasinating on said thesis.

Anyway, the filofax I am using right now is my pretty purple finchley in personal size. See it here with some of the post-its I use inside:


Inside of this I have six sections, divided using the plain dividers from filofax. They are unmarked as I do not have a labelmaker and pencil marks keeps rubbing out. The fist section is my weekly diare, which is the lined Dutch version. In here I keep a whole year, and I write appointments and reminders on here.


The pen you see here is the sparkly swarovski pen I mentioned in the previous post. Aren’t they pretty together? On the pen loop you can see a few marks where the colour has somehow come off a bit. I haven’t done anything about it yet, but they don’t appear to get bigger.

The next section is my daily diary, where I keep about two to three months in. In here my make daily todo lists. I write these once a week for the upcoming week when I decide what to do in the next few days. I also mark appointments and things like travel time, so i know when I have time available to work on the things I need to do. I block larger time slots for bigger tasks, the rest of the tasks go on the right side without a time.

The next section is my todo lists. Here I keep three lists, one for personal tasks, one for research related tasks and one for work tasks. These usually contain only tasks that are unrelated to the bigger projects.


After this I have my notes section, where I keep lists and information of various kinds. In the picture you see my book wish list, but there is also a list of clothes I need to buy, plans for redecorating our house and house repairs, gift ideas and so on. These are on pretty lilac paper to match the purple of the fincley.


Note the pretty postits, which I got from russel and hazel. I have a few more nice ones from them, and they actually deserver their own post. The final section with papers in it is the project section. In here I keep first a list of all current work and research projects, and then one page per projects with info, ideas, tasks etcetera. Personal projects go in the notes section. The projects are on yellow paper, just because I had a lot of that. Here is an example, the page for the cover of my thesis. You can see that I still need a design (any photoshop wizzards out there?), find a printer and figure out how to get an isb number.


The final section contains my world map, and a few plastic holders for business cards and stickers and such.

For now this setup is working well enough. I am tempted every now and then to remove the weekly section and just use only the daily ones. I could use a pen for the appointments and pencil for todos. The downside will be the lack of a good weekly overview though, and I’m not sure yet if I want to give that up for the sake of some less rewriting. To be continued…


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  1. kanalt17

    Great stickies! I love the Russell + Hazel sticky pads, especially the long ones to the left in your first photo. I’m running out of the ones I have and should order from them soon. I was hoping to find more at the NYC meet up, but Sam Flax didn’t have those. They are expensive as sticky notes go, but they’re the perfect size for the personal size pages. I have similar sticky notes that came in packs similar to what you have above. i should use those before ordering more. Mostly, I use these stickies for work to dos (I will be doing a in-depth post on that set up soon).

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