Six months gone by

I can’t believe it, half a year has gone by without me even looking at this blog. Why? Probably a combination of thesis and job-searching stress, me being unsure what to write and just plain forgetting about it. Now I will have to have a good think on what to do about this, and how to keep things going along here.

So what did get done in the meantime? My thesis is just about a month away from being sent to the thesis reading committee, which has been assembled as well. Then I just need to think about designing  a cover and find a good printer to make me some books. I have no idea about designing book covers, not even what program to use for it, so any ideas on this are very welcome!

I did reorganise my book case and all papers, partly redecorated the living room, been to London for a long weekend, been to two weddings and one funeral, got myself an ipad, tried out a million (rough estimate)  new recipes and much more.

Also, I have found a few new stationery loves:

  • russell and hazel, and especially their post-it notes. Their daily adhesive notes are the perfect companion for a weekly filofax diary. And I am really tempted by their binders too, but they are so expensive and not compatible with the standard A4/A5 systems.
  • Speaking of perfect filofax companions, my sister gave me a purple swarovski pen that fits in a filofax loop and looks great with my purple finchley. Love!
  • I am loving my yellow square notebook by bookbinders design so much, that I dare not use it. But I want to journal in it! Any advice on how to break this spell? Until then, it looks great on my desk.
  • And last but not least, the Leuchtturn1917 notebooks and pen loops. I am using a purple pocket notebook in my purse now, and a cornflower dotted A5 one for my research. Highly recommend them.

This will do as an update for now, and I will try my best to post more regularly from now on. I may even start scheduling post ideas in my diary, because honestly, if I had really wanted to,  I could have found time to post.




  1. Good luck with the viva! The PhD is taking over my life too.

    • Thanks, but we don’t have a viva. The examination is done through a reading comittee, who approves the thesis. If that is done, we have to make any changes we still want to make, and have the thesis printed as a real book (with isbn and such). Then there is a formal defense, but it is practically impossible to fail at that. Consider it like a wedding, where practically no one will say no at the crucial moment.

      How is your phd going?

  2. Marcia Straatmeyer

    I am late to the party, but the way I get myself started using a new, blank, and frightening journal is to find a quote i really like and write it on the first page. That way I don’t have to think of the words myself, but once I’ve written in it I feel less comfortable leaving the rest of it blank than writing in it. No idea if it will work that way for you or not!

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