monthly magic: november

November has come, and now it’s less than two months until 2012. What a short time! Especially since January 1 is phd thesis due date for me. But let’s not forget to have a good productive time in November. I like this month, because it starts with a great occasion: on November 3 2001 I met my husband! So this year we will be celebrating our ten-year anniversary being together. We have not been married that long, only 18 months now, but still we are going to celebrate with a special dinner out at the restaurant we had our wedding dinner and party at. Looking forward to that!

Now what could you do to have a good time this month? I am thinking:

Set a regular schedule for important things For me this is obviously my thesis, but it could also be an exercise schedule or novel writing schedule. The more I think about it, the more I am convinced that setting a regular schedule helps meeting goals. For example setting aside two hours every morning for writing my thesis will hopefully be enough to change my journal papers into chapters, or scheduling three running sessions a week might be good for training for a race. Having a set schedule will make you more likely to actually do things, and now is the time to make the final push on your 2011 goals.

Take a long walk outside followed by hot chocolate All the trees have beatiful colours right now, so when the sun shines, or at least it doesn’t rain, take advantage and go for a long walk. I do not like walking except in fall, and it’s the colours of the leaves that makes the difference. And the hot chocolate doesn’t need an explanatin I think…

Start a new craft project Making something, even very siimple, is a great way to relax. You could do some paper craft like card making or visual journaling, knit your new winter scarf or make a collage out of your holiday pictures. I just started a cross stitch project that will keep me busy for quite some time.



  1. I just wanted to let you know that people (well, at least me) do read your blog and do enjoy it.

    Please don’t stop!

  2. Long walks plus hot chocolate, how perfect!

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