NaNoWriMo alternative

This month, I am participating in a great endeavor started by the website PhD2Published: AcBoWriMo or academic book writing month. It is the idea to write a certain number of words or pages each day for your academic book. I interpret this a bit wider, since I am taking book to mean thesis. It is going to be bound as a book and get an isbn after all. Other people are aiming for a research proposal or an article. Anything goes I think.

My goal is to work on my thesis for a certain amount of time each day. I take this amount to be one hour, or alternatively 3 pomodoros. This last part refers to the pomodoro technique, and means that I will write for 3 intervals of 25 minutes each. I prefer this over word count for two reasons: words are not counted by my latex editor, and words don’t say all that much about effort needed when mathematical equations are involved.

You can read more about this idea here, and follow the twitter hashtag #acbowrimo. Who is with me?



  1. skhen

    I’m with you! I like your approach of Pomodoros to equal one hour. So long as I am writing, and not simply editing, I will make progress. Thanks for sharing this great idea on Twitter and here. 🙂

  2. Skhen: good to see you are in! I didn’t do so well these few days, so have some catching up to do. But I have nothing planned for the weekend so it should work. How is your thesis to-do planner working out?

    • skhen

      Hmmn. Day one was fine, while other days have been ok. Weekends are easier for me as well to get a solid chunk of time in to write. I have been working in 25 minute Pomodoros–some days one Pomodoro, other days 2. And, even if I can’t write, I am picking an article up to read or am editing previously written material. This is an improvement for me!

      The planner makes me break each session down in smaller chunks so that is helping me immensely–thanks for asking. Take care!

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