spotlight on a website 5

It has been a while since my last spotlight post, so it’s high time. Today there is a great website that I want to share with the academics and thesis writers among you: the thesis whisperer. This blog is written by an Australian woman, who is very inspiring and friendly. I recommend following her on twitter as well. The blog is about being productive and staying sane and healthy as a phd student. It covers all aspects of phd student life, from technology to supervisor issues to productivity. I think almost all post are worth reading, but I will share some favourites:

Publications in your PhD: this is about the issue of doing a phd based on articles or writing an actual book, or something in between. This can be a tricky issue, especially with all the different norms and standards between fields and countries. See also my own comment on this post for what I think about this.

A visit from the procrastination fairy: about procrastinating on difficult or boring or otherwise annoying tasks. It affects us all.

Top 5 phone apps for researchers: this can help you get more out of your phone. I am not the biggest user of technology apart from my laptop, but still an interesting post.

Another way to write 1000 words a day: this post introduces the pomodoro technique, a special time boxing technique to help you stay focused. This has been the most useful to me so far, and everyone should at least try it out. Really, I’m serious.

I hope you find something interesting in the posts, and I urge you to also go to the website and read the other posts. It will be worth it.



  1. yay you’re back! I can’t wait to check out this blog as I am still early days in my PhD (well coming up to a year officially) so I can do with any tips!

  2. Sounds like a great idea….I’m just so glad I’m personally not writing a thesis these days! 🙂

  3. CP: definitely check out the blog, and also follow her on twitter. Great advice, mixed with fun and friendliness.

    Sandra: thanks for commenting, did you write a thesis sometime?

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