monthly magic: october

October is for me the month were the summer seems really far away, and yet the holidays are not yet in sight. There really is no festive occasion in october is there? Maybe halloween for the Americans, but for us? Nothing. (I am quite happy that we don’t have halloween though, I absolutely hate dressing up. But that’s beside the point.)

So we have to make our own occasions and fun. What can you do to make October a happy month? Here are some ideas:

Make something involving pumpkin It can be a jack-o-lantern, but if you are somewhere outside of the US you might prefer something like a pie. Pumpkins are all around now, and they are cheap and taste great while in season.

Buy or make something nice for your home Some pretty candles, a soft colourful plaid or a new plant can give your home (or room) a nice warm touch. And as with this weather we are spending more time inside now is the time to invest in your home.

Start thinking about Christmas (or for me, Sinterklaas) gifts No need to hurry yet, and no long queues at the shops. But if you start thinking about what you could get your family and friends and what you would like yourself now, you won’t be stressed out when December comes around. I am doing some list-making in my filofax.

I hope these ideas can make this dreary month a bit more cheerful. What are your ideas for making October fun and succesful?



  1. I am not a Halloween fan at all. And I have been a grinch all night as so many people have been knocking on my door!! Arrrgh. I am looking forward to Christmas though 🙂 Hopefully it will get me through the dark nights and short days!

  2. Nice suggestions. October is full of birthdays and anniversaries at my house so that takes care of it. There is nothing like the beautiful fall colors though. Love a nice plaid throw.

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