monthly magic: september

O no, it happened. I let the blog die a little bit over the summer. I have been busy working, writing my dissertation and visiting London during the riots. The weather here has not been very summery at all, it feels like autumn has been here for at least a month now. Anyway, I am intending to do better from now, and I am starting wit this series: monthly magic. This is not a new idea in any way, I saw it on the former blog of A. (glamourous grad student) who now writes positively prettyful. I hope she doesn’t mind, it is intended as a compliment as I loved those posts! In this series, which I post at the beginning of each month, I will share some ideas on making the new month a nice, happy and succesful one.

September is for many people the start of a new school year or the return to work after a holiday, and the transition of nice summery weather to fallen leaves and rain. (We seem to be a bit ahead on that part this year.) Summer is my favourite season, so I always like to try and keep the happy feeling of summer around a little longer if I can.

This month will be busy for me with a few work deadlines, a journal paper revision and the first two chapters of my dissertation due. But still I want to make time for other things, and make sure I have fun and keep myself happy and relaxed. Some nice goals to consider for September are:

Getting organised in style Do we ever need an excuse for looking at new office and paper suplies and fiddling with our working system? No, but still September is a good one! If you have fallen out of the habit of making todo lists and keeping your diary updated, why not make it a challenge to plan the upcoming week every weekend. And a nice new diary and pen will definitely keep you motivated. I am trying out a paperblanks one.

Gathering new recipes Autumn is the perfect time to start trying out new baking recipes, nice coffee variations and the like. I just bought Nigella Lawson’s kitchen, and I will definitely try some of the recipes in there.

Planning the winter wardrobe A new season is a good occasion to take a good look at your wardrobe and do some “spring” cleaning. Throw out or donate anything that is outdated, ill-fitting or worn out and start thinking about the missing pieces to make your wardrobe  winter ready. Planning out a list now gives a good idea of what you might need and like, and you will have some months left to buy them so you can spread out the expense and look for nice well-fitting items.

What are your plans for the month?



  1. I enjoy Autumn as I like revisiting clothes and shoes that have sat in my wardrobe for a while! I do feel quite sad when the days get shorter and find winter months post Christmas really dreary unfortunately.
    Blogging helped me a lot last year, as well as reading all the lovely blogs out there!
    I will look out for more posts from you as I have missed you!

  2. I’m going to be spending September planning and finalising my wedding! Ack!

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