what’s in my bag

Today I am going to show you all what is in my bag. It is one of my favourite types of post to read on other blogs, and I hope you will enjoy reading this one too.

First the bag itself. It is from the Italian brand Cromia, that I have never seen available in any shop outside of Italy. There are a few websites where they sell some of them, for example this one in Dutch. Mine is extra special, since it was a gift from my husband on our honeymoon in Rome. Here it is, with the detail I love most about it:

This is a view from the side, and as you can see the handle can be set to different lengths, and the remaining part is made into decoration. Isn’t that great? I also love the colour and the metal details. On the inside there is one tiny zipped compartment for keys and such, two open pockets on the other side and one zipped part in the middle of the main compartment. I put my wallet in there for extra protection, the phones in the open pockets and the other items I divide over the two sides of the main compartment. The inside is a lovely cream colour with beatiful details on the stitching and the zippers.

Now onto the contents:

From the top and from left to right the contents are:

  • my wallet, a brown finsbury wallet from filofax
  • my phone, a white htc desire in a simple black case
  • car key and all other keys in a holder from pylones
  • my filofax, I swapped the finsbury for the finchley last week and I am loving it
  • a notebook with a pen in the loop that I use as a carry-around journal, and a small notepad for loose notes
  • and extra pen
  • lip balms and mints for fresh breath (important for client meetings)
  • reusable shopping bag that folds into a nice tiny package
  • tissues
  • small pouch that holds things like a comb, hair elastic, cleaning cloth for my glasses, lip gloss and such

And that’s it. I think it is quite a lot of stuff, and from time to time I try to leave something out but I always end up missing it within a day or two. For work I also carry a laptop and a company cellphone, and also a notebook and some documents. Usually I carry these in a separate bag. I have about three handbags that I use regularly, the other ones are both from Esprit, one grey with short handles and one brown with a long strap. If I change my bag I just take all things out and put them in another bag. On some trips, like a bike ride, I leave my filofax at home.

I hope you enjoyed this post. For even more fun, Caribbean princess has posted her bag and contents too. Go read it too. Also, I would love to hear what you carry in your bags and what type of bag you have.



  1. Your bag is beautiful! I love it. What a shame there is no English language website. The colour is so lovely. I have bag envy! Your husband deserves a prize for such a lovely gift.
    I think your bag is very nicely organised and your finchley looks very professional. It was fun doing a what’s in your bag post with you. Thanks 🙂

  2. What a beautiful bag! The colour is amazing and it can hold lots of stuff which is always a bonus. I love “What is in my bag” posts as well. I’m glad you and CP made them 🙂

  3. I love peeking into people’s bags! I carry my Filofax everywhere too, heehee.

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