spotlight on a website 4

Not totally in the spirit of my last post, I am doing a spotlight on a webstite again. Usually I do these on Fridays, so that people have time to read during the weekend but since today is a day off here I thought why not do one today. The blog this week is one I think everyone knows, so I will not introduce it. But still I think there may be some older posts that are interesting enough to highlight.

The blog: Philofaxy. I have been a reader from almost the very beginning, when the blog was owned by philofaxer (I did sometimes comment as pauw13 or paulien over the years, before I started this blog). I loved his posts, and  I hope that he may one day rejoin the blog.

Do you do this too? It is called grazing, and I can totally relate to it. and do it every time I start using a new planner or notebook or pen.

Every time I get the itch to switch from filofax, I find this post very inspiring. It is one of Nan’s, and talks about how sometimes staying with a system can be easier. So true. In the same spirit is this post, a guest post by Laurie before she was a regular member, and also this other guest post by DeWanna. Why do I still try out other systems with all this advice? I am a slow learner, what can I say.

Great to find ideas for using your filofax: the first roll call, read the comments too. And yes, I did comment here already.

My first meeting with the finchley is here. And now I have my own

And last but not least, a post on how to learn to stay with one system and make mindful changes. I think I should listen to this advice a bit more.

I hope that there are some interesting posts here, even though you probably already read this blog all the time. Next week I will post a spotlight on Friday again. Have great day everyone.



  1. Wow that’s some major planner angst I had going on in all my comments! Thank goodness I started my blog, it is such a release valve. Why do I feel like I must find the Perfect Planner to reflect my personality??

    Great post! Looking forward to future Spotlight posts! 🙂

  2. Thanks for this spotlight. I loved it as I love Philofaxy. I am a relatively new reader, only since last August/September but it is one of my must read daily blogs. The archives are brilliant so thanks for sharing links to some of the oldies but goldies.
    And May Laurie’s planner angst NEVER END! Hehe.

  3. CB you’ll be happy to know that reading the linked posts has made me consider going back to my Deco Filofax as my planner!! Maybe one of those Swing Pads from Franklin Covey would solve all my Filofax issues once and for all…

  4. I love Filofaxy! Thanks for the suggested posts. They helped me a lot to re-organise my Filofax once again. I think I will stick with this for now 🙂

  5. Terri

    great post and links! I’ve been a planner user since the late 80s but have always had some degree of planner angst. I love reading everyone’s planner blogs, and Philofaxy, too!

  6. I adore Philofaxy!

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