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This week I have been thinking a little about how I can improve this blog. I have come up with some things, and I welcome any input you may have as well.

I think my template needs a change. When I started this blog one day, I just picked the first wordpress theme that looked appealing. Now I am not very good at designing layouts, let alone put them in a workable template. What I think I will do is take some time to look at the available wordpress themes, and pick something that fits. I am thinking more clean looking, probably with a white background, but also still fun. And a little customisable, so I can do my own changes without having to learn wordpress in and out. Also, the text should be filled out (a pet peeve of mine).

I think I need categories or tags for my posts. Sure, there are not that many posts right now, but it will be easier to organise the posts well from the beginning than to later go back and tag every past post when there are tens (hundreds?) of them. I do not really like tag clouds myself, so I will have to think about a good way to let the tags be shown on a sidebar.

The last thing I want to improve is the blogroll. I have more blogs I read than are listed there right now, but I don’t want to clutter up the sidebar too much. I am thinking of adding a separate page with links, maybe separating them by type of content. Hopefully this will make finding them easier and more appealing.


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  1. I check your blog on my iPad so I see a different template. I will use my laptop to see what it looks like 🙂 Right now it is more like a book or journal.
    You can probably use buttons for specific categories if you don’t like the tag cloud. I agree it is better to start categorising now or it will be a huge volume of work later on.
    Regardless of your template I love the content so I will keep on reading!

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