spotlight on a website 2

As promised, here is another blog that inspired me to start my own: the shu box. It is of someone on the other side of the world, in a work field completely unrelated to mine, but that I can somehow relate to. I think this is because the writing is so honest and lighthearted, even when talking about serious subjects. Of course I wish her the very best with these hopes and dreams.Β  Thank you Sarah for writing your wonderful blog, and please continue writing for a long time. Here are a few of my favourite posts:

  • Organize: a page about, you guessed it, ogranisation. It shows here lovely planner, a quo vadis space24 that I also have and am starting to love. Even though she claims otherwise, Sarah seems to have organisation and productivity under control, at least more than most people (among others, me). The links are worth reading too.
  • Friday follies: here fashion picks makes me wish that Anthropologie comes to the Netherlands. This seems unlikely somehow, good news for the credit card…
  • Escape today: I love this take on how to turn an ordinary day into a lovely, restoring and relaxing day. Worth reading and emulating.
  • Ribbit: the concept of eating a frog for breakfast, explained.
  • Exotic planners: a showcase of fantastic and fun planners, also featuring the one for 2011.

I hope you enjoy reading this blog as much as I do. At least check out these great posts.



  1. wow, p. – thank you so much!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  2. I will be sure to check out her page! It sounds like she has a great blog.

    Just responding to your question about sugar: at first, it was REALLY tough for me to give up sugar. Most packaged and processed foods contain sugar… so I gave those up too – they’re not very healthy either! I try to eat natural, organic, unprocessed food as much as possible. I have always had a sweet tooth and loved baking, but I now replace sugar with maple syrup and agave nectar, which are much healthier sweeteners. Once you get the sugar out of your system (this takes 3-7 days), it gets a LOT easier! You should try it, I’ve never felt better πŸ™‚

  3. I love the SHU box, it’s so addictive and I think Sarah, it’s the nicest person ever πŸ™‚

    I love your blog as well. I set aside some time in the afternoon to check it out properly!

  4. kanalt

    Thanks so much for sharing this. It looks like a blog I would love. (I have added it to my reader.) And it’s so nice looking – clean and organized!

  5. Yes the Shu Box is a great blog and one of my favourites. I like her honesty and I enjoy reading about how medicine works across the pond! The system is so different.

  6. I’m replying here because I don’t have your e-mail address! For greasy hair try dry shampoo πŸ™‚

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