spotlight on a website

I have been thinking about starting a regular feature here on this blog. I love reading lists and link posts on other blogs, but I didn’t want to just copy that idea. So I will start something else. I don’t imagine nobody else has thought of this before, but at least I haven’t seen it somewhere so I am not really stealing an idea, am I?

Right, so here it is: every week on Friday I will put one website or blog that I like in the spotlight. I will tell about why I like it, and list some favourite posts. I have a few websites already lined up for the coming week, and the first few weeks will be taken up by websites that inspired me to start this blog. First: Musings of a Caribbean princess.

I love the inspiring mix of fun and seriousness, shopping tips and good advice, and just the general upbeat tone of the blog. The layout of the blog is not exactly my style, but it completely matches the person I imagine writes this blog. This blog shows to me that having fun and being feminine do not have to stand in the way of having a career, and that there can be a balance between the different aspects of life.

A few of my favourite posts are:

I hope you enjoy reading this blog as much as I do, but don’t take the whole weekend! New one next week.

D Planning 102- How to organise your To-Do lists



  1. AspireToBe

    One of my favorites!!! Good call on using this as one of your first Spotlight on a Website series!

  2. Oh girl in maths, thanks so much for featuring my blog! I am very touched!

  3. One of my favourites too clearly. And CP, you deserve it! Please continue posting.

  4. Good idea! I have so many blogs on my Dashboard I have trouble getting around to them. The give aways and reviews are not particularly interesting either so having a quick way to find good ones rocks. CP was in the SITS Build A Better Blog Challenge with me so I got to know her blog then. It’s a good one.

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