new filo, more purple

After much thinking and debating about it, I decided to go ahead and order the purple finchley filofax I had been wanting for so long. Here I want to share some pictures of it. First the opening-the-package process:

the package on my desk

opening the package....

I also bough some extra notepaper and to-do inserts:

the contents

filo, box and extra inserts

As you can see it comes with the cotton cream diary and the standard filofax subject dividers:

filo open showing inserts

Isn’t it beautiful? I really love this organiser, maybe even more than my finsbury one. It is a fun colour, while also being appropriate to take out of my bag at a client. Only small problem? I don’t know how to use it!

I love the way my setup in the finsbury works for me. I tried using the cotton cream diary, but I just like the white one better. Also, the month-on-two-pages insert does not exist in a cotton cream version. I have also started using blank tabs with my own headings a while ago (diary, notes, research, work, information and addresses) that work much better for me than the standard subject tabs. One, very obvious, solution would be to take all contents out of the finsbury and put them into the new organiser. But it seems such a shame to use “ordinary” inserts in a filofax that clearly deserves the classy cotton cream ones! What to do? In the meantime, the binder is staying on a shelf, waiting for me to make up my mind….



  1. The purple finchley is an absolute beauty! Here is a suggestion. While you make up your mind about how exactly you plan to use it, transfer everything from your finsbury in the meantime 😉
    That way you can start using the finchley immediately, while you are planning! Win win.
    I will set up my Deco when I get back from Trinidad.

  2. Who don’t you look at creating your own inserts on cream paper? Over on Philofaxy there are isntructions to make them and how to print them. Amazon sell some nice Clairfontaine cream paper.

  3. Oh – a crisp, new Filo right out of the box! Beautiful color!

    (I agree with CP – use it now!)

  4. Thank you for the comments! I think I will start using it soon, with my white diary inserts. Then I can just switch the two binders when I feel like it. No shame in admitting that I don’t like the standard tabs right?

  5. I am obsessed with Filofaxes! Mine is similar to yours – it’s a little purple Adelphi.

    As to how to use it… I’ve had that problem, too – wanting it to be perfect and so dilly-dallying before beginning to use it. I think that what worked for me was to just jump right in and use it, and over time, I’ve been customising it the way I want it to be. It’s still not perfect and I’d like to get some pretty inserts/dividers, but for the time being it still serves its purpose!

  6. Petra

    Easy solution to the month on two pages — buy the Flavia one from DayTimer. The colors look great with the purple Finchley! And as for the tabs, I cover the preprinted labels with my own labels made with a label maker. The plastic tab coating on the FF tabs means I can peel my own labels off any time and put on new ones if I like, or go back to the original.


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