winter projects

Winter is an excellent time for projects that can be done inside. There is not much light outside after work, and often the weather is not all that great. I have been thinking this year about what I could do that would keep me occupied in a fun way but wouldn’t require long stretches of time. Those I do not have at the moment.

My project for this year is a recipe journal. Only recently have I started getting more adventurous in the kitchen, mostly after discovering a great magazine: foodies. (Sorry, only Dutch.) The magazine gives a lot of easy recipes for weekday meals, more challenging courses for weekends or special occasions and also baking recipes. I love it and buy it every month now.

So my project this year is to write all the successful recipes in a paper journal so I have all our favourites together. Since I love paper notebooks a lot, I had this one lying around: It is a lined journal of the line book of kells by paperblanks. They have a really great line of journals and other paper items. So far I have recorded six recipes in it, and a few that are waiting to be copied into it.

Other winter projects that I would like to do is learning to sew and/or knit, start keeping a sketchbook in the style of Danny Gregory or, my most ambitious one, translating the works of Archimedes into Dutch. Surprisingly no one has ever done this, isn’t that a shame? And what else would you do with masters in both classical languages and math? But not this winter, as I have something called a thesis to write….


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  1. And another winter project would be translating all the yummy Dutch recipes to English! Just kidding 🙂
    The journal is beautiful!

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