Monthly Archives: February, 2011

books and more books

One of my greatest hobbies is, and has always been, reading books. This may seem weird coming from a mathematician, but it is one wonderful thing I share with my husband. Our tastes may sometimes be very different, we can both sit and read for whole afternoons and evenings if we have time. I used …

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winter projects

Winter is an excellent time for projects that can be done inside. There is not much light outside after work, and often the weather is not all that great. I have been thinking this year about what I could do that would keep me occupied in a fun way but wouldn’t require long stretches of …

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distracted focus

One of the most important things to be succesful is focus. This is especially true for those people who have self-directed work schedules, as opposed to people who are directed by outside request such as support staff or people who work in the ER of a hospital.  My workdays are mostly unscheduled, since apart for …

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