baby moleskine

Just after setting up my filofax for the new year, I found this at the university bookshop:
Isn’t it cute? It is a extra small daily diary made by moleskine, in a lovely aqua blue colour. It has one page per day, without lines or times printed on the page. Here is a picture of the diary inside:

The elastic band is the same colour as the cover, and there are a ribbon and a back pocket inside too, as in the larger moleskines. I could not resist buying it, together with some lined volants in my favourite colour (purple). I wish the diary came in purple too, but still it was so lovely that I could not resist buying it. One small problem: I have no use for it!

Should I abandon my filofax and use this diary for daily task lists instead, maybe with my smartphone for appointments? Or use it as a daily record of things I did, in the dear-diary sense? Or use it as a tracking tool for resolutions? I would love to hear any other ideas to use it, or maybe even see pictures of these diaries in use. It is so tiny that I would have no problem carrying it in my bag all the time. Here is a picture of it on top of my filofax for comparison:

In the bookshop they had the twelve daily diary-box too, with a small book of daily pages for each month with each book a different colour. Also very tempting, but more expensive. Happy to say I resisted buying that set for now. I should find a good use for this cute thing first!



  1. if it isn’t too much to carry around, i think you could use both — the filo for appts and stuff, and the baby for daily task list 🙂

    or maybe the baby just for work tasks, and the filo for the rest of life?

  2. I agree with Sarah. you could use the baby for your to dos. I have a baby moleskine notebook (not diary) that I use for jotting down blog ideas for the occasional moments of inspiration. ha!

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