pencil love

I know how nerdy it is that my first post on my new blog is about paper and pencils. But that is just how I work and what I love. I learned to write with pencils, and only after a year were we allowed to start using pens. Fountain pens. Ballpoints were not allowed for the next six years in school.

After school I only used pencil for math homework. When I started to study math in university I did all my homework in pen, and later everything was submitted electronically after typing it up in latex. It was not until I found the blog pencil revolution that I was tempted to start using pencils again regularly. And how great it was. This blog has a ton of information and pictures and other trivia about pencils. It has been inactive for a few years but the author started posting again recently. I love this blog.

They are great for writing in planners, as you can erase appointments when plans change. How much better than crossing things out. They do not require as much pressure to write as ballpoints do, and don’t have the bleed-throug issues that fountain and gel pens often have. They are fun to use, like fountain pens are, but much less expensive. And you will see, if you start experinenting, that there are so many more variations than you would ever have thought.

In this picture you see three of my favourite pencils (lying on my new love, the space24 planner, more about that later). They are a faber-castell design, a tombow mono 100 and a palomino. I will never be giving up my pencils, and recommend everyone to try one out.



  1. i am left-handed, and i really don’t like pencils b/c i smudge everywhere (and i hate that). but i do like the IDEA of pencils 🙂

    • Robert M.

      Sorry to nitpick, but the pencil in the photo isn’t a Mono 100. It’s a Mono, which is Tombow’s midrange pencil. Mono 100 is still available and is not the same as the standard Mono (which is also called the “Mono Professional” and was mistakenly claimed by American distributors to use the Mono 100’s lead).

      You can order the Mono 100 from retailers like or jetpens, but it is unfortunately much more expensive than the Mono, and for many people is probably not worth it.

      Sadly, the Mitsubishi Hi-uni and Tombow Mono 100 are both pretty expensive. While they’re superior pencils on the whole, their value is not really as good as that of other brands like Palomino and Faber-Castell.

  2. I am not such a big fan of pencils but I have gone back to using fountain pens and bought some Lamys as they are affordable and lots of lovely inks.
    I wrote with fountain pens until aged 16 and only stopped during 6th form. I have rediscovered my first love, fountain pens! Like you, I was not allowed to write with ball point pens in primary school.

  3. krissydawn16

    I’m a color-coder, especially in my planner. Know of any good colored pencils that erase easily?

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